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Investor Relations

Welcome to the Investor Relations Portal of PharmaSGP Holding SE, one of the leading German providers of natural OTC and other healthcare products.

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Basic information

Ticker Symbol PSG
Type of Shares Existing bearer shares with no-par value
First day of trading June 19, 2020
Number of Shares 12,000,000
Stock Exchanges Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse
Designated Sponsor Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG, Neuer Jungfernstieg 20, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Paying Agent Quirin Privatbank AG, Kurfürstendamm 119, 10711 Berlin, Germany

Charlotte Friedrichs, Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG


Company profile
Financial Key Figures

Company profile

PharmaSGP is a pure-play consumer health company with a broad portfolio of leading chemical-free non-prescription pharmaceuticals sold over the counter (“OTC”) and other healthcare products. PharmaSGP’s products are sold exclusively through pharmacies. Its products are based on natural active pharmaceutical ingredients with documented efficacy and fewer known side effects than most chemical-based pharmaceuticals.

The Company’s core brands cover chronic indications, including pain and other age-related ailments. In Germany, PharmaSGP is the market leader for systemic chemical-free pain remedies with its brand families RUBAXX® for rheumatic pain and RESTAXIL® for neuralgic pain. Furthermore, PharmaSGP has introduced leading products against sexual weakness and vertigo symptoms.

Since introducing the first product from its current product portfolio in 2012, PharmaSGP has successfully exported its business model to other European countries, including Austria, Italy, Belgium and Spain, and it recently obtained marketing authorizations for three of its best-selling products in France.

In 2019 PharmaSGP generated revenues of 62.6 € million at an EBIT margin of 35.8%. In order to further expand its competitive position, PharmaSGP plans to increase the number of indications covered by PharmaSGP’s product offering, leverage established brand families to introduce new chemical-free OTC and other healthcare products, increase PharmaSGP’s European footprint, and accelerate its growth strategy by capitalizing on selected M&A opportunities.

First Product Launch
62,6 Mio. €
> 30 %
in 2019


Management Board

Natalie Weigand

Natalie Weigand (born 1981) joined the FUTRUE Group as the leader of strategic marketing in 2013, rising to the position of head of marketing and sales. Before the IPO, PharmaSGP was a company of the FUTRUE Group and Ms. Weigand has been CEO of PharmaSGP since 2017. Prior to joining FUTRUE Group and PharmaSGP, Natalie Weigand has worked as a brand and marketing manager at Johnson & Johnson. She is holding a Bachelor of Arts in European Business Administration from Cologne Business School, Germany, and a post-graduate degree in television production.

Michael Rudolf

Michael Rudolf (born 1974) joined the FUTRUE Group in 2017. He has been CFO of PharmaSGP since then, and has also been responsible as head of business development & licensing. Prior to joining PharmaSGP, Michael Rudolf has worked at McKinsey & Company, served as head of mergers & acquisitions, portfolio management and corporate projects at Verlagsgruppe Weltbild, and was responsible for investment and portfolio management for digital investments of the Media-Saturn Group. He is holding a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim, Germany.

Supervisory Board

Dr Clemens Fischer, Head of the Supervisory Board

Dr Clemens Fischer (born 1975) has been Head of the Supervisory Board of PharmaSGP Holding SE since March 4, 2020. Mr. Fischer holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Technical University of Munich, a Master of economics degree and a Master of business administration from Harvard Business School. Upon graduation in 2001, Mr. Fischer joined Novartis as a senior project manager, where he eventually became a member of the German executive board for strategy and cardiovascular affairs. In 2007, Mr. Fischer founded the FUTRUE Group, which belongs to the fastest growing healthcare enterprises and has 24 subsidiaries worldwide.

Further mandates: Member of the board of managing directors in 18 companies of the FUTRUE Group.

Madlena Hohlefelder, Deputy head of the Supervisory Board

Madlena Hohlefelder (born 1981) has been deputy head of the Supervisory Board of PharmaSGP Holding SE since March 4, 2020. Until 2003, Ms. Hohlefelder studied economics at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. She subsequently earned a Master’s degree in legal studies from Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich. Upon graduation, Ms. Hohlefelder joined Boston Consulting Group. Afterwards, she joined the FUTRUE Group and co founded most of the entities that today comprise PharmaSGP and the FUTRUE Group. In addition, Ms. Hohlefelder co-founded pharmaceuticals company Naturwohl Pharma GmbH in 2010.

Further mandates: MVH Beteiligungs- und Beratungs-GmbH (member of the board of managing directors)

Dr Axel Rebien

Dr Axel Rebien (born 1971) has been member of the Supervisory Board of PharmaSGP Holding SE since June 1, 2020. In 1999, Dr Rebien graduated from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University in Hanover and obtained a degree in economics. Upon graduation, he joined Arthur Andersen GmbH. In 2005, Dr Rebien joined Tom Tailor GmbH, where he served as Chief Financial Officer. In 2006, Dr Rebien earned a Doctorate in political sciences from the Technical University Chemnitz. In 2010, he became Chief Financial Officer of TOM TAILOR Holding AG. In 2016, he joined 7 Investment GmbH (now FUTRUE GmbH) as Chief Financial Officer. In 2017, Dr Rebien took the office of Chief Financial Officer for heidelpay Group GmbH which he has held ever since.

Further mandates: heidelpay Group GmbH (member of the board of managing directors)

Financial Key Figures

Key financial data 2017* 2018* 2019* Q1 2019** Q1 2020** H1 2019** H1 2020** 9M 2019** 9M 2020**
Revenues (€ million) 53.1 60.6 62.6 15.0 16.7 31.6 33.8 45.7 48.6
Revenue growth (%) ** 14.2 3.3 11.9 7.2 6.2
adjusted EBITDA (€ million) **,*** 15.7 19.9 22.8 3.9 4.4 9.2 10.9 14.6 15.8
adjusted EBITDA margin (% of revenues) **,*** 29.7 32.9 36.5 25.8 26.4 29.3 32.2 31.9 32.5
adjusted EBIT (€ million) **,*** 15.3 19.5 22.4 3.8 4.3 9.0 10.6 14.3 15.4
adjusted EBIT margin (% of revenues) **,*** 28.9 32.3 35.8 25.1 25.8 28.7 31.5 31.3 31.8
Total shareholders’ equity (€ million) **** 73.7 84.4 95.6 98.9 8.0 11.4
Balance sheet total (€ million) **** 84.1 92.0 103.7 109.1 24.1 23.6
Equity ratio (% of balance sheet total) ** 87.7 91.7 92.1 90.7 33.0 48.3

*Audited, unless indicated otherwise.
** Unaudited.
*** Adjustment for one-time effects (H1 2020: 1,1 Mio. EUR / 9M 2020: 1,4 Mio. EUR) includes mainly costs for the corporate and organizational structuring of the PharmaSGP Group.
**** Figures 2017, 2018 and 2019: as of 31 December; figures Q1 2020: as of 31 March; figures H1: as of 30 June; figures 9M: as of 30 September.


Corporate Governance

Voting Rights Notifications
Directors' Dealings
Articles of Association
Statement of Compliance
Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board
Weitere Dokumente

October 08, 2020: Legal & General Group

July 06, 2020: Legal & General Group

June 25, 2020: Dr. Clemens Fischer (FUTRUE GmbH)

June 25, 2020: Madlena Hohlefelder (MVH Beteiligungs- und Beratungs-GmbH)

June 25, 2020: Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLC

June 22, 2020: Madlena Hohlefelder (MVH Beteiligungs- und Beratungs-GmbH)

June 22, 2020: Dr. Clemens Fischer (FUTRUE GmbH)

February 19, 2021: FUTRUE GmbH, Acquisition

June 26, 2020: MVH Beteiligungs- und Beratungs-GmbH, Granting of shares to members of the management board

June 26, 2020: FUTRUE GmbH, Granting of shares to members of the management board

June 26, 2020: Michael Rudolf, Acquisition

June 26, 2020: Natalie Weigand, Acquisition

June 25, 2020: FUTRUE GmbH, Disposal

June 25, 2020: MVH Beteiligungs- und Beratungs-GmbH, Disposal

June 22, 2020: FUTRUE GmbH, Disposal

June 22, 2020: MVH Beteiligungs- und Beratungs-GmbH, Disposal

June 22, 2020: FUTRUE GmbH, Securities lending

June 22, 2020: MVH Beteiligungs- und Beratungs-GmbH, Securities lending

Articles of Association (German language)

Statement of Compliance 2021 (German language)

Statement of Compliance 2020 (German language)

Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board (German language)

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Ad-hoc News
Corporate News
Financial Reports
Related Party Transactions
Other Documents

February 11, 2021: PharmaSGP Holding SE announces preliminary FY 2020 revenue and earnings trends after suspension of forecast

November 27, 2020: PharmaSGP Holding SE: Adjustment of full-year forecast 2020 due to expected weaker fourth quarter following COVID-19-related restrictions

June 18, 2020: PharmaSGP Holding SE sets offer price at €31.50 per share

November 30, 2020: PharmaSGP publishes Q3 Interim Statement 2020

November 10, 2020: PharmaSGP continues its highly profitable growth course in the third quarter of 2020

September 30, 2020: PharmaSGP publishes H1 Report 2020 and confirms strong performance and positive outlook for the full year

September 10, 2020: PharmaSGP with strong revenue and EBIT growth and increased profitability in the first half of 2020

September 2, 2020: Sempora market study sees PharmaSGP as the winner in the corona crisis

September 1, 2020: PharmaSGP Holding SE strengthens Management Board for a consistent implementation of its growth strategy

June 18, 2020: PharmaSGP Holding SE valued at €378 million at IPO

June 18, 2020: PharmaSGP Holding SE considers a reduced volume for its IPO

June 8, 2020: PharmaSGP Holding SE sets its price range for ist envisaged IPO

May 27, 2020: PharmaSGP Holding SE plans Initial Public Offering

PharmaSGP Holding SE – Interim Statement Q3 2020

Pharma SGP Holding SE – Half-year Financial Report 2020

PharmaSGP Group – IFRS Combined Financials First Quarter 2020

Pharma SGP Holding SE – Annual Report 2019

PharmaSGP Group – IFRS Combined Financials 2017, 2018, 2019

In due time the contents of this page will be added.

Presentation H1 2020 Results

Securities prospectus

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